You can make a neighborhood a more beautiful place by gathering a group of people and spending the day making transformations.

  1. Turn an abandoned city lot into a garden by providing seeds, tools, and muscle. Set a time to plant the garden, inviting neighborhood residents to join you. As you tend the garden all summer, relationships will grow along with the plants.
  2. Prettify a park. Gather trash bags, work gloves, brooms, and gardening tools. Bring large pieces of screen to sift broken glass, gum, and dangerous objects from sandboxes. You may also need tools for repairing fences. Paint hopscotch and foursquare courts on the asphalt. Ask local businesses to donate fresh sand or mulch.
  3. Glean the fields. Farms and orchards in your area may allow you to collect leftover fruit and vegetables for distribution to food ministries.

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