The Christmas season: one of the busiest times of the year! Celebrations seem to be nonstop, and in ministry, there are gifts to buy for volunteers, Christmas gatherings to plan, pageants to attend, service projects to join, and so much more. When do you get a moment to rest? Right now!

Take a deep breath and relax your shoulders. Since we can’t reach through the pages here to give you a shoulder massage, we’ll give you a heart massage instead. Read these words and know that they are for your heart!

  • You make a difference, and we are thankful for you.
  • You listen to women when they are tired, hurting, afraid.
  • You try new things—even when it’s a little scary.
  • You cry out to God on behalf of women in your church and community.
  • You make cookies, design centerpieces, smile, remember names—all to show hospitality and let women know they’re welcome and loved by Jesus.
  • You’re yourself. Your genuine and authentic approach to life, let’s others know they can be open with you.
  • God made you and loves you. You’re pretty awesome!

This is just the beginning of why we’re thankful for you.

Keep shining for Jesus!