Tired of doing the same old “tea” events? Looking for a few fun ideas to bring in new women, engage the younger generation, and generate excitement? Try one of these ideas!

  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding Have you seen people out on local lakes, rivers, or in the ocean balancing on what appear to be extra-long surfboards as they paddle around? That’s stand-up paddleboarding! This fun activity doesn’t require a lot of experience or equipment, and it could be a different kind of outing for women in your church and community. Look on the Internet for local shops or businesses that both rent equipment and can provide an instructor to give basic lessons. Since balance plays such a key part in this activity, add in a devotion on finding balance through time with God, and you’ve got a great outing for your group!
  • Arm Knitting While most of us think of knitting as a needlecraft popular with older generations that’s passed on to the younger ones; arm knitting has been made popular with younger women first, who have passed on the skill mostly through online videos. Invite a few younger women to share the how-tos of knitting without needles. Or gather in a location where you can all see a computer screen and watch a video on YouTube a few times together. All you need is bulky yarn and a little bit of time. Once the skill is learned, a scarf can be completed in about half an hour. Find lots of beginner videos by searching for “arm knitting” online. Include a devotion on being “knit” together in the body of Christ to complete your time together.
  • Ziplining Ready to step off a platform or the side of a mountain and let a strong cable carry you on a thrilling flight over the land far below? Ziplining is for you! Women don’t need special training for this outing as the guides at ziplining companies will take everyone through the safety guidelines before they strap you in and send you flying. Prices for ziplining will vary based on the type of course, and there may be hiking involved in getting to the launching location. Look online for places in your area—or add this into a retreat adventure! A devotion on taking a leap of faith or on trusting God in uncertain times can bring a faith element into your excursion.
  • Progressive Patios Especially fun in the months when everyone enjoys being outdoors, this tour of patios, decks, pools, and gardens is easy to get going. Invite women who love to host parties in their yards to serve a simple snack outside. They don’t have to clean house or worry about finding seating for everyone. You make a map of the locations and allow about half an hour at each spot. Women can carpool from home to home, enjoying a snack or beverage at each location. At one stop, invite women to share in a devotion comparing the nurture and growth of a flower to our spiritual growth.