Every woman wants significance, and many women find significance through caring for and serving others. They’re looking for ways to serve, and you’re looking for people who will serve. Perfect!

Wait. It doesn’t usually go as smoothly as that. People say no or don’t finish what they say they’ll start. There’s a personality conflict and someone’s feelings get hurt. Assumptions are made, and women who might be willing to serve don’t get asked. How can you help women find the best fit for significant service?

Tip 1: Give permission to try.

Be sure you have opportunities that only require a short-term commitment such as:

  • Decorating for an event.
  • Preparing food for a retreat.
  • Stuffing gift bags.
  • Making reminder calls for new groups.
  • Writing notes to new moms.
  • Welcoming women to an event.
  • Passing out invitations after worship services.

Tip 2: Allow for change.

When women know they can change course if they find out what they try isn’t a good fit, they’re more likely to have an open mind. Also, women change! So even if one area of ministry is a good fit at one point in someone’s life, it doesn’t mean it’s a good fit forever. (Remember to allow yourself to change, as well. Let God guide you through transitions.)

Tip 3: Have a trial run.

A testing period is simply a way for you to get to know a woman, along with her strengths and weaknesses. It’s also a way for her to get to know you. During this time you’ll observe and evaluate where she’ll best fit in ministry, and she’ll do the same. The goal is to connect each person into significant service through ministry, so a trial run allows for changes to be made if it’s not a good fit.

Tip 4: Create teams.

When possible, have women serve with other women. Accomplishing something together increases significance. Plus, women are building relationships as they serve, and as they bond, their commitments will become more firm.