We’re all different, and God created us that way. We experience the world God created in different ways and learn in different ways.

One study suggests we either primarily “see the world,” “hear the world,” or “feel the world.” Which sense do you use most?

Kinesthetic: Feel the world (40%)

Visual: See the world (35%)

Auditory: Hear the world (25%)

Same world, same reality; different people, different experiences.

Another study revealed that 30 days after an experience, people remember:

10% of what they hear

15% of what they see

20% of what they hear and see

40% of what they discuss

We want women to remember and apply what they’re learning in Bible studies. We want the connections they’re making at events to encourage them. We want retreat experiences to nourish and sustain women in life-changing ways. How can we use the information from these studies to make sure that happens?

Relational. Encourage women to interact with each other, which makes learning more effective and builds friendships.

Experiential. Make biblical principles stick…up to 9 times longer when women not only listen or read but actually experience a lesson.

Applicable. Incorporate life application, because Christians should be both hearers and doers of the Word.

Learner-based. Meet the needs of women who learn in different ways so they’ll draw closer to Jesus. This puts the focus on the learner, not the teacher.

We recommend you create a ministry that’s R.E.A.L.