When I arrived at the overlook, I gazed out at the fields below me and the mountain range beyond. I had gone to the Devil’s Backbone (a land formation in northern Colorado) to go on a short hike with my daughter, but I also knew in the fields below, I might find a surprise. Sure enough I saw them; little specks of gray lining up in formations and moving in unison across the field. At the time, I worked at a charter school and I knew many of the students would be participating in a Civil War reenactment on a property below the overlook where I stood. I was so excited to see them, that I grabbed any other hiker I could find at the overlook and pointed out the soldiers below.

After our hike, my daughter and I drove down to the property where the reenactment was taking place. I happened to arrive at a moment when, unfortunately, all of the soldiers were “killed.” The students lay motionless in the tall grass as the moderator had volunteers light smoke bombs for effect and let photographers and parents capture the eerie moment on camera.

In just a short amount of time, I was able to see two very different perspectives. From the overlook on my hike, I was able to see the entire scene unfolding, but the students were all so tiny! There was no way I could have distinguished an individual from my vantage point. And there was definitely no way the Civil War participants could have known I was way up there on the rocks above. However, from my perspective from the battle field, I could only see what was right in front of me and not the vastness of the entire situation.

I take comfort in knowing God sees from both these perspectives and more. He sees the whole layout, every corner of his creation. But to him, the view isn’t like the miniscule soldiers I saw from the rocky overlook on my hike. His creation doesn’t just crawl around beneath him like ants. He knows every detail of our lives; every thought, every fear, and every desire. And when he looks at our hearts, he doesn’t lose perspective of how we fit into the plans he has for the whole world. How amazing and how hard is it to comprehend our God is all knowing, but cares about every facet. Sometimes it can feel like God is only peering at our lives from above, but take moment and ask him to show himself to you during your day today. He will remind you he is right there with you as well as orchestrating more than you could even know.

by Lauren Bratten


“Lord, look down from heaven; look from your holy, glorious home, and see us.” Isaiah 63:15

Lord, do look and see me. Show yourself to me today. Let me be aware that you are right beside me, guiding each step.

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