Every year when the grass starts to grow I’m amazed at the difference between our backyard grass and our front yard grass.

While grass grows on both sides of the fence, the backyard is definitely greener than the front. Lush and thick, it would be a great commercial for some garden product.

I asked a neighbor what she thought about the differences in my grass. Without hesitation she told me that when the house was built, the front yard was installed as part of the contract. Later the original owners had to lay the sod in the backyard on their own, and they had worked hard to prepare the area for a good, healthy lawn. The front yard didn’t receive the good topsoil and fertilizer before the sod was laid.

“Ohhhh,” I mused, “so the manure made the difference?”

“Yes,” she laughed, “the manure made the difference!”

When I look at my life I can see where the “manure” has made the difference as well. There are lots of experiences I don’t want to repeat. Some with plenty of “manure” and heartache. But I see the landscape that Jesus has created with the fertilizer, and I can’t thank him enough for making something beautiful out of what seemed like a disappointing mess at the time!

Look outside at your lawn or doodle a drawing with green grass. Then pray.

by DeeAnn Bragaw


Jesus, please take the time you need to prepare the soil of my heart, and use even the manure in my life, for your beautiful purpose. Amen.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)