Everyone wants to feel valued, and we need to pass that expression of value on to others. We’ve gathered several creative ways for you to support your phenomenal volunteers and let them know how valuable they are to you and your ministry. Have fun celebrating the important people in your ministry!

4 Amazing Ideas for Sharing Your Gratitude for Others This Year

ideas for volunteer appreciation

#1: An Easy Meal for a Busy NightYour volunteers lead busy lives. To help them out, create a basket of ingredients for individuals to make a simple meal on a particularly hectic night. Full-meal mixes are now readily available at grocery stores. Add several cans of vegetables and fruit, tea or lemonade mix, and a dessert mix, and you’ve gathered everything a volunteer needs to put together a delicious meal.

appreciation station

#2: Appreciation StationsSurprise your volunteers by replacing a regularly scheduled meeting with appreciation stations. Women rotate through stations, where you provide treats or allow women to personally create treats. For example, you can provide ceramic mugs at one station and let women personalize them with favorite words and verses using permanent markers. At the next station, women choose favorite tea bags or hot cocoa mixes. Finally, they visit the chocolate fondue station, where they dip a candy sticks into white, milk, or dark chocolate and cover them with plastic wrap to later enjoy in their warm drinks and personalized mugs. Other possibilities for a station series include assembling cookie mixes, creating personalized greeting cards, or savoring custom-created sundaes.

ideas for volunteer appreciation

#3: Day of PamperingInvite women on a Saturday morning for a delicious continental breakfast before facials, manicures, foot baths, and massages. Provide a quiet room for prayer. Gather women together for simple stretches and refreshing drinks at the end of the morning. Send each woman home with a flower. Partner with local businesses or people throughout the church who are talented in pampering.

ideas for volunteer appreciation

#4: Memory Keepsake CDGather photos representing the highlights of ministry and create a CD or DVD for each volunteer. Smilebox.com is a great site for creating slide shows and scrapbook pages to be set to music and burned to a DVD. You can even add personalized messages, captions, and verses.

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