Not every child knows a mom’s unconditional love or reassuring embrace. Some children are forced to leave their homes for their own protection. They’re scared and confused. Many have been abandoned, neglected, abused, or forgotten. Providing a place for these 397,122 U.S. children to find rest, safety, and healing is the calling of a special group of women: foster moms.

Most foster moms will tell you they’re not supermoms. They’re simply living out a calling, which is why they desperately need the strength and connection of a women’s ministry. In addition to the everyday responsibilities of being a mom, they interact with caseworkers, lawyers, social workers, and various others who help manage the lives of their foster children.

Foster moms also face practical issues that churches can be sensitive to, such as children’s behavior. Because foster kids are wounded and adjusting to their new surroundings, they tend to act out. Foster moms, expect it but are getting to know the best ways to connect behavior while considering the children’s past. Be gentle with foster moms are they discover and meet their children’s needs. Extend grace to moms and kids.

A wonderful way to minister to foster moms is to be a mentor. When foster moms have a support system, they’re more likely to have the stamina to provide stability in the children’s lives, and the children see the importance of healthy relationships modeled for them. You can also give foster moms of young children a break once a week for some refreshing personal time.

Another way to minister to foster moms is to be their biggest cheerleaders. Foster moms persevere through the ups and downs of many trials, regardless of the child’s history. The process of healing can be exhausting. Encourage these moms daily. Hug them, love them—give them chocolate! Most of all, walk beside them in Christian sisterhood, and let them know they can count on you for the loudest, cheers and most consistent prayers.

Minister to the hearts of these women, and you’ll join their journeys to change the course of children’s lives forever.