You pour a lot of work into a retreat that lasts one or two days. Reap the rewards with these simple ideas to follow your retreat.

Note it! Write personal notes to each woman who attended the retreat. Gather your team together and celebrate the memories as you write notes. Or preprint basic notes and have everyone on your leadership team sign them, assembly-line style.

Share it!  Create a brief slide show of photos to show before or during worship services. Post photos on your website. Provide a place on your website or blog where women can share their retreat stories. If you’ve gathered email addresses of the women who attended your retreat, customize a scrapbook or postcard online.

Sing it! Coordinate with your worship leader to incorporate a couple retreat songs into worship services within one or two weeks of your retreat to help women remember their experiences.

Talk it! Set up monthly times for women to connect at a local coffee shop to stay in touch. Create a fun bookmark or magnet and insert it into the retreat journal for women to take home as a reminder. Offer day and evening times.

Pray it! God continues to work in women’s lives even after your retreat ends. Give women the opportunity to stay connected by offering a follow-up study. Remember to consider women’s schedules; offer both daytime and evening groups.