I’d been looking forward to this trip for weeks! Three days of training with colleagues who were also my friends held the promise of lots of laughter and fun. I checked into the hotel and headed to my room. Having brought only a carry-on sized suitcase, it didn’t take long to hang up a couple of outfits and arrange my things on the bathroom counter of the hotel. “Hmm,” I thought as I finished unpacking, “how did I leave home without a contact case?”

Reaching for a glass by the sink, I carefully squeezed just enough solution into the bottom of the glass to cover my contacts as I removed them. Then I grabbed my eyeglasses and sat down on the bed to read the information I’d need for tomorrow’s work. An hour later I finally decided to go to bed. Yawning, I went into the bathroom for a quick drink of water, reached for the nearest glass, and filled it. As I drank the water, suddenly I was jolted awake! I had just swallowed my contacts!

“Oh no! Did I really just do that?” I groaned.

My glasses are ancient and only worn just to make it from the sink to my bed without breaking my neck. No way are those things meant to be seen in public!

“Oh Lord, what will I do?” I prayed. I’m so glad that God cares about the tiniest, goofiest things I do! “Look in your make-up bag,” a gentle thought prompted. There on the bottom was a beautiful sight for my “blind” eyes. An extra pair of contacts!

Life-threatening moment? No. Truly serious problem? Not at all. Caring God? Absolutely!

Today, Lord, I choose to rest in the confidence that everything in my life, big and small, rests securely in your capable hands. Sometimes I’m so blind to your care. Open my eyes to see your compassionate ways toward me, even when I get myself into a mess!

by DeeAnn Bragaw

adapted from If I Can Do all Things Through Christ…Why Can’t I Find My Car Keys?


“I was blind, and now I can see!” John 9:25


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