This is an effective activity for illustrating how little we can really know about our friends, even if we spend a lot of time together. It can also be used to begin a discussion on how deeply God know us, even when others don’t.

Have women form pairs with someone they don’t know very well. Explain that you are going to give them three minutes to learn as much as they can about their partner.

After three minutes, have everyone form a circle. Go around the circle, asking one partner in each pair the first question from the list below, if the partner doesn’t know the answer to the question, she can make one up. After each partner answers, have the rest of the women vote on whether the answer was correct or not. Then have the second partner tell what the correct answer is. After one person from each pair has answered the first question, ask the next question about the opposite partner in each pair. This isn’t a game for keeping score—just have fun with it.

Questions to use:

  • What color is your partner’s favorite food?
  • Who is your partner’s biggest hero?
  • How many lipsticks or lip balms does your partner have in her purse right now?
  • What was your partner’s first car?
  • What is your partner’s favorite comic strip?
  • Can you partner do a handstand?
  • What brand of toothpaste does your partner use?
  • What did your partner want to be when she was younger?

After partners have answered a question, have them turn and tell what they learned that was the most interesting.