It’s almost that time again! Within the next two to three weeks, school will be back in session for most folks. It’s often a bittersweet time for parents– happiness that the kids are back to routine, sadness that the long, fun days of summer are over.

So in women’s ministry, what can we do during this time to encourage and uplift those that have kids heading back to school? Or may even be heading back themselves?


  • We can cover your people in prayer. As a leader, this is often one of the most important things we take the lead on– taking time to pray for those we are in relationship with.
  • You can pray for peace for those mothers who may be feeling a bit frazzled during this time.
  • Pray for a renewed strength for those who might be home schooling.
  • Definitely pray for those whose kids are heading to school for the first time, as this can be a difficult transition for some!
  • Also pray for any women in your ministry (young or old!) who may be heading back to school themselves!

We believe in the power of prayer and we know that God answers, even if it’s not always the way we wanted. So let’s join together this back-to-school season and bring on the prayer!


Emily Thompson is on the leadership team for her church, Hope Boulder, located in Boulder, CO. Emily loves music, reading and all things Disney!