Is your women’s ministry overflowing with volunteers? Are women chasing you down the church halls to see how they can be involved? Or do they run when they see you headed their way? If you’re having trouble recruiting or retaining volunteers, before you invest in a new tin of breath mints, read on!

Here are tips for helping women want to get involved.
Use the right tools. One of the best tools is success stories. Share how your ministry is changing the lives of women. Tell how women are connecting with each other and with Jesus.

Be willing to search. Look for women who demonstrate natural leadership abilities or have a strong interest in a particular activity. Encourage the women already serving in your ministry to be looking for other women to join them.

Don’t be too sensitive. You can’t be afraid of rejection. Even though you have the greatest, most fun-tastical and life-changing women’s ministry ever, not everyone you ask is going to say “yes.” Don’t take it personally when women say “no” or give up on asking because they say they are “too busy.” These same women might become wonderful volunteers later on.


Amy Nappa, former and much loved Champion for Women’s Ministry at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado.