Organizing and hosting a retreat takes a lot of coordination, planning, and creativity. But first and foremost, it requires prayer. Prayer changes hearts, opens doors for friendship, illuminates the Bible, and connects women to God.

We’ve created a (fun!) free printable for you with some prayers for your retreat. Print a copy for everyone on your team and start the journey of prayer for your special event today. And this list isn’t exhaustive, so don’t forget to add some unique prayers of your own.

Download Your Free Printable Here!

Prayer for Newcomers

Father, we pray for any women who are newcomers at our retreat. We pray that you would draw them into conversation easily and that they would feel comfortable and welcome. Whatever place they’re at in life, we pray that the messages, Scriptures, and activities during the retreat would speak personally to their circumstances. Give them courage to open up when sharing will bring healing and friendship, and wisdom to listen when you want to speak to their hearts. Thank you for expanding our ministry to these newcomers, and create new bonds that last beyond this special event. Amen.

Prayer for Those Secretly Hurting

Father, we pray for women who may be secretly hurting at our retreat. You know their hearts, and every minute detail of what they’re going through. Though they may not share openly about their struggles, you will meet them right where they’re at. We pray for opportunities for them to let down their guard, share their story, and receive prayer. We know how hard it is to let people into our lives when we’re hurting, so we pray for extra sensitivity and discernment toward these women and wisdom to ask the right questions and pray from your heart. Amen.

Prayer for Leaders

Father, we pray together for our retreat team and additional leaders. Give us humble hearts and opportunities to serve. We pray for your words to flow through us as we talk, teach, and lead prayer. Give us the courage to step outside of our plans and programs if you have another path for us to take, as well as the discipline to stay on course amidst distraction and interruption. We pray that we won’t show favoritism to our guests, but will treat everyone as you would, with love and warmth equally. Give us patience, endurance, and fortitude, and we pray to finish the retreat strong. Keep us all healthy, rested, and full of peace from beginning to end. Amen.

Prayer for Community

Father, we pray for the small groups, casual conversations, and discussions during the retreat. We pray that they would be uplifting, encouraging, and transparent. Divinely coordinate the groups and uniquely match women based on their needs. We pray that no one would dominate conversations, but that all of us would listen to each other with open ears. Most of all, we pray that these connections would plant the seeds for deeper friendships that extend way beyond the retreat and into the fabric of everyday life. Create a community between us, Lord, and teach us to love each other. Amen.

Prayer for Details

Father, we pray over all the details, big and small, of the retreat. From the food to the seating to the music, we ask that everything would come together smoothly and easily. We pray for all travel logistics, that everyone would make it to the retreat safely and in plenty of time. If we are overlooking any important details, we pray that your Spirit would bring them to attention right now so that nothing will fall through the cracks. We know that you care about this retreat and trust you to work everything together for this event. Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual Openness & Breakthrough

Father, we ask for your divine presence before, during, and after our retreat. Please prepare our hearts and the hearts of our guests for your ministry. We ask for healing, worship, and salvation. Supernaturally remove obstacles and distractions that may prevent women from receiving from you. Open up our thoughts to the life-changing truths of your Word, and give us a new understanding of your character and your love for us. Touch each woman profoundly so that their lives are forever changed by your touch. Thank you for loving us and for reaching out to us. We worship you. Amen.


God’s blessings and favor on your retreat!

—The Group for Women Team