Want to make an impact with women in your community? Looking for practical ways to share the love of Jesus? Try one or more of these ideas—and see what happens!

  1. Invite a single woman from your neighborhood over for dessert.
  2. Buy a senior woman a city bus pass.
  3. Pass your magazines around to others instead of throwing them in the trash.
  4. Buy a simple journal for a teen mom you know.
  5. Randomly take fresh cut or potted flowers to an older woman on your block.
  6. Buy a city or state park day pass for the female hikers in your church.
  7. Commit to taking a woman from a nursing home to church with you once a month.
  8. Take bottled water to the park to share with moms and kids.
  9. When you get a fast-food lunch, buy a burger for the corner sign waver.
  10. Bring a female co-worker coffee and a bagel for breakfast one morning.
  11. Pick up an extra pair of mittens or an ice scraper when you see them on sale: Gift a college woman in need.
  12. Anywhere there is a line, put five dollars toward the bill of the woman behind you—at the movies, coffee shop, gas station, or grocery store.
  13. “Ring and Run” on a dark night after you leave a laundry basket full of groceries for a single mom and her kids.
  14. Pay a woman’s library fine or her utility bill.
  15. Round up a few spare grocery carts and take them in.
  16. Take time to visit a woman you know is lonely or afraid.
  17. Hang up pictures (or laundry) for a new mom.
  18. Feed an expired parking meter.
  19. Tuck coupons for a car wash on the windshields of the oldest cars you see.
  20. Share fast-food coupons with women you see at a free medical or legal clinic.

Pamela Gilsenan is a creative spirit who loves really sharp pencils, her big red bike, and rhubarb casserole. She makes her home in Colorado.